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Fashion News: Recap of June

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Today we are back with the monthly information block based on all things fashion. We are going to cover topics on business, fashion shows, culture, and many more. Expect it at the end of each month, live for you only on this blog.  We will leave you now to our host, Kristina Bozhinova, for her take on the matter. 

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Thank you, Mr. News Guy, for the introduction. This month, as the pandemic continues, different fashion brands are trying their best to adapt as quickly as possible. Today, we will cover the state of the fashion industry under the Covid-19 pandemic, including the state of :retail, e-commerce, how fashion graduates are adapting during those unprecedented times, sustainability, and more.


Well, this was quite a serious intro. I think that it's time to stop messing around and bring you the selected news of June. Here's our first topic…



With the world constantly changing, the way that we shop is affected dramatically and it is even harder for brands to build trust and resilience. Many of them are changing their investment strategies by focusing more on technology developments and customer service improvements. Brands should be concentrating more on sending even clearer messages to their customers. To succeed in those times it is important to use more than one channel for your brand, stresses EY. This will help the brand to portray a better and more authentic image. For instance, Ted Baker a luxury retailer has raised around 95 million pounds for building up a better platform for more digital sales. Since online sales are going to be the ''new normal'' delivery companies like DPD are adding more and more jobs to meet the demands. This has also lead the e-commerce giant Amazon to launch its first global fashion store online


Even if it might look like things are slowly getting back to normal, behind closed doors retail will still suffer for a while. Big brands are getting sued for not paying their rent on time. In the US, brands like H&M and Gap are in the spotlight. However, in Britain, despite landlord retailers like Intu (the company which owns Manchester Trafford Centre )complaining of the same issue, they expect their financial figures to go up as the lockdown measures start to be eased.  To conclude this paragraph we will share with you an opinion piece by Dunkerton, the founder of Superdry after their big announcement that they will exit the markets of China: 

  “As with all retailers, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption to our business operations and supply chain. I am pleased with the accelerating shift in sales to online, and we’ve seen a particularly good performance from our women’s ranges, which, for the first time ever, are accounting for around half our sales. Clearly, however, the closure of all our stores has had a major impact.”  

If brands want to adapt quickly and not lose the financial fight, creativity is definitely needed.

In order to diversify their product portfolio, designers have started to make reusable cloth masks to match their collections. This is good, we love to see innovative thinking! Plus, these masks are way more stylish compared to those surgical blue masks, and this also helps the frontline to meet their essential PPE equipment needs for the medical staff.  

Another cool thing that I thought was quite interesting are the changes happening to personal shopping services. Stylists, for example, have started giving consultations on WhatsApp and other communication programs. But on the other hand, fittings and alterations, definitely need to happen in person, so a suit company came up with the idea to include plexiglass protection for the tailors to make this type of service possible!

Fashion Shows:

Fashion technology is advancing, even more, which has now provided the first-ever fully digital fashion show! Everything streamed was made with 3D virtual models and clothes. The directors of the London Fashion Show rethought their strategy by presenting a capsule video collection and mainly focusing their attention on addressing topics like environment, race, and justice. Unfortunately, students graduating this year are struggling to adjust to this situation as their projects are now harder to complete due to the lack of space and the necessary equipment which they can only access at their schools. 

Designs and Trends: 

The trends are mainly circulating around homeware, minimalism, PPE as a fashion statement, relaxed silhouettes, and knitwear. Basically, everything that you can wear around home and feel good. This period can also teach us to be more kind to each other and be more purposeful in our shopping. 


I saved my favorite topic for last, as a dessert. Unfortunately, the sustainability side of the fashion industry is not looking too good. Fast fashion companies like Boohoo are more than thriving, as their buying strategy includes obtaining high street brands- their stock has increased by 10% and investor's incentive to put money in such companies has definitely risen too. But on the other side, garment workers are the ones who are suffering because the sales are affecting their lives, due to brands who are refusing to pay their employees. Kylie Jenner’s brand represented by Fashion Nova is one of them. To support the ones who are suffering you can consider donating to the Fair Wear Foundation, where they share more on how they support the workers here.

Finally, on the brighter side of things, Google is apparently teaming up with WWF to produce a database on all things regarding sustainable fashion. It will provide information on responsible sourcing and analysis of the impact of raw materials. Sounds very exciting to me! Another interesting thing is that Conde Nast( a global media company) launched a ‘Sustainable Fashion Glossary’, which provides a great starting resource for all of us wanting to understand this topic more. You can find the glossary here.

And last but not least, don't forget to shop responsibly! With the economic choices we have and the decisions we make, together we will have the power to change the world. Before you purchase make sure you always ask:

Thank you for reading my blog post. Till next time.

Stay safe,

Kristina xx


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