Friday, 3 July 2020

New Beginnings

 Hey there and welcome to my little online space!

This blog will be my place for sharing everything from my daily thoughts on topics like the environment, creativity and fashion to my life adventures and projects. 

After a year of not being active in the blog world, mainly because of the many changes which were happening in my life  in terms of education, experiences and many more (which soon I will share on this blog) in the last months of 2020 I felt very inspired to start again. 

My previous blog was called MdrnCreations. I started it somewhere in the beginning of '18 and I was using it mainly as a tool to spread the word on how destructive fashion can be for the environment and our society. I was sharing my self-thought sewing projects, style tips and advice on how to break up with fast-fashion. Of course, I am still going to write about those topics because they are very close to my heart. But in the process I found out that this name doesn't resonate with my vision because I wanted to share other things,as well. So to simplify my life this time I am choosing my name instead. 

I missed writing a lot and I am very excited to start again.

Lots of love,
Kristina xx


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