Saturday, 4 July 2020

Clothing Transformation: Nostalgia

When I look at this piece brings back memories and nostalgia from my first year in university and reminds me of my last moments in my first home in England. I managed to save it from going to landfill and I kept it for more than a year before I made any types of changes to it. It belonged to one of my previous flatmates but unfortunately, she couldn't bring all of her belongings back to her home in China, and because of time pressure, couldn't bring it to a charity either. So, she kindly gifted it to me. The make of the piece looked like it was from some kind of wholesale fashion brand from China. When you touch the material, it is very soft and cozy and it would be a very nice addition to any wardrobe. However, I wanted to completely change the way it looked and to give it a completely different feel.

I loved remaking this item because I managed to take out the best of the fit by changing the ordinary cardigan into a designer blouse. The first part of the process was dying the fabric with Dylon, a great brand for fabric dyes which makes the creative process a lot easier for every artist and can help transform every garment to something amazing. The colour turned out to be dark olive with some hints of the old colour. Later, I cut it and sewed it by hand to make a beautifully refashioned item. Here are the results:

I love the process of creating and for me, taking the pictures, in the end, is so satisfying because I can finally see the idea fully coming to life. The pictures were taken in a Victorian house next to Whitworth Park, considered to be one of the oldest parks in Manchester (opened around the 1890's). 
The photos were taken by James Mills (my bf) and no, I didn't force him, well... at least I like to think so.


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