Sunday, 19 July 2020

Clothing Transfromation: Ride or Dye

Most people in their wardrobes usually have a very random selection of items which are waiting to be decluttered. If you are like me, you might have some type of stained white t-shirt, a few tops, and a jacket which are lying around the house just being lonely.

Today, we will leave the rest and we will focus on that same white shirt which I mentioned. 
So, if my logic of continuous guesses is  correct, those type of clothes might have a very sad destiny. Usually, they end in the bin, they are used as cleaning cloths or if they are very lucky their owners might decide to use them as clothes for home. For example, I use mine when I clean the house. It's the simplest and most boring shirt that one might imagine. But it's perfect for the job and means that in the end, I don't need to wear a fancy gown when I am scrubbing the sink.

And today we are here to change the destiny of stained white t-shirts and we will make this particular one which I have, a highlight in their history


▪️Dylon Velvet Fabric Colour
▪️Gloves for protection 
▪️Stained White T-shirt
▪️Hair ties or rubber bands
▪️Thick Bleach
▪️ Plastic Basin
▪️Hot Water

 For the best results, look at the instructions on the fabric dye that you are using. You will need to dissolve it in hot water, before you put the fabric inside. I tied my cotton securely with  rubber bands to create interesting patterns. I did it on random places because I wanted it to look more unconventional. Next, you put the salt in the already prepared solution of water and dye. The salt is good because, it does a nice chemical reaction which locks the colour. 
And after this procedure you wait, wait, and then you wait a bit more and then you are done!
Hang it outside or in a place where it won't colour anything. Because the water which drips can be dangerous for any white wall or light surface. But if you don't have a garden you can put a plastic bag under your clothes drier for safety.
To create the white circles on this shirt I used thick bleach which I sprinkled around.
If you don't want to colour your fingers I suggest you use rubber gloves. 

Happy creating!

Lots of love,
Kristina xx

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